From Napkins to Window Dressings

I love to reused table linens 
I've had these lace napkins for years. I've used them when setting the table for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but that was many years ago and they've been just taking up space in the linen drawer.
We just finished painting the kitchen cabinets from a" poor paint job" of  crappy white  to a beautiful grey. I will blog that project when I have a lot of time. :)

 I used CLIP RINGS I had on hand to hang them.
I think they would be pretty, if a pocket was sewn, using the folded over corner.

I folded the corner in two lengths, half the napkins were folded with a 5 1/2 in fold and the others 6 in.

WOW, just strung the rings over an existing "built in" curtain rod. 
I love the look !

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