Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Keep a Journal of Plants

Plant Tag
I bought simple cheap journals at the dollar store. All the plant tags that come in the plants I purchase are glued to the pages of the journal. On the bigger tags I use the whole page next to it for information on that plant. I write where I purchased the plant, what year and the plants progress or problems. I also add all the information from the back of the plant tag , such as, how much sun the plant needs etc...
 It's been really helpful in knowing when to fertilize in the Spring. 
I like this type of journal for my perennials, it's secured with an elastic band. I can store the tags until I have time to put them in the journal.

Pages from my Plant Journal;
This is why I started keeping a journal. As you can see when the  Gladiolas bloomed they  do  not look like  the ones on  the label of the pkg.

Flowering Mother of Thyme

 I keep a separate journal for seeds and annuals.. 

Keeping these journals is a lot less trouble than you think and it's sure been helpful learning where to buy and where not to buy. I was surprised at the brands of plants and where they were purchased  did depend on their success or failure. 
This was especially helpful with seeds and very small plants.

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