Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Old Things You Just Don't see Anymore

Several years ago I was helping a dear friend move.She and her family were avid antique collectors, so you can imagine some of the delights my eyes got to see and my heart fell in love with.
She said to me, "Did you ever play with paper dolls" I answered with a chuckle " Yes, I loved them". She threw a flat paper bag full of clippings  paper dolls & paper dol; clothes to me and said, " Here then, play with them again".
When I got home I put the bag in one of my keepsake chests and never thought about them again. Ongoing for a couple of months now I've been going through my keepsakes looking for photos for the family tree, I've painted on my living room wall behold, I ran across the bag of paper dolls and to my surprise some of the treasures inside have taken my breath away.  
Over the next few week I'll share the treasure bag with you.
Today's post is an old envelope made of newsprint. When I found it the little girl was folded over the envelope as you see it in this pic. The date on the newspaper is July 29, 1934. WOW... a 79 year old handmade envelope....
I didn't make a tag with this, thought you might enjoy using your imagination.
I suspect she was pretty risque for 1934

Antique Handmade Envelope & Bathing Beauty

Paper Dolls

A 60 year old Birth Announcement

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