Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Cones and Wine Glass Lampshades

I'm starting a new line of gifts for you, as we approach the holidays.
These are my favorite things to create and give as a gift or decorate with.
You don't have to wait for the holidays, make them for a friend who's just lost
someone dear to them, who's been through a rough time, or tell someone you were 
thinking of them.
The cheap wine glasses can be purchased at any dollar store and the 
The cones have endless possibilities.....fill them with candy, flowers 
or a pretty scarf.
I have lots of ideas for this page, so check back often....

Here's my first cone of this series
the cone measures about 7 inches tall and I printed it on
white light-weight card stock

.I want to thank THE GRAPHICS FAIRY  for the angle face I used in this design.

The Wine-glass Lampshade
I printed this on vellum, I can't wait for you to see
how pretty this is printed and used.
I've put the shade on two sizes of wineglasses.
This gives you an idea what type of glass you might
want to use it with.

I do want to give you a very helpful tip...the shades are a bit hard to keep stable. Today I figured out how to fix that. I added tiny GLUE DOTS to the rim of the glass.....the perfect solution !

Here the are lit in the evening.....aren't they pretty ?

This one, I created with a Birthday Kit that has matching Cupcake wraps, winglass tags and wine bottle labels, of coarse, I designed them for us big girls.

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