Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Mr. Blu gets his fight on

I've owned several Betas. I enjoy their beauty. Mr. Blu is my Beta's name. I've had him for a couple of years now. I've known they were "fighting fish" or at least everything I've ever read said so, but when I changed his water yesterday I witnessed him put on his fight-face. This is just a fun post I wanted to share......
My Grandson has two tiny plastic fish. They are Nemo and another character from the movie. He's insisted they "live" in the Beta tank for years. They've been in the water so long they no longer float and wiggle their tails. When I was replacing the water yesterday Nemo's tail got hung on a Philodendron root, which made him to appear to be swimming.....................
Watch his body double in size, his fins & tail spread and his gills stand straight out to the side

He wouldn't strike while I was videoing, but a few minutes after this was recorded Nemo was
back on the bottom....where he lives

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