Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Orange Mums Wineglass-Candle Shade and Place Tag

I don't keep it a secret, since the first time I saw the the little candle lights with lampshades on a wineglass I was in love....for years I've snatched up every wine glass that was unique and pretty at every yard sale to use for candles during the Christmas Season, Thanksgiving, Easter and Valentines Day, so this lampshade adds so much to my obsession.

This one is for our Thanksgiving table. It's in a lovely green with dark orange Mums. I made my name tags on white card stock, but when Thanksgiving comes, I'll use Cream. The lampshade here was printed on white paper, but I will print it on plain Vellum.
If you use my creations, I would love it if you took pictures and send to me....featuring your Thanksgiving table on my Facebook page would be an honor.....

Here's a helpful tip....I put Glue Dots on the inside top of my shades. The dots keep them in place. Use kitchen tongs to put your candles in the wineglasses, then light the candles and place the lampshade on. Don't forget...the little flame-less tea lights are much safer and just as pretty 

I borrowed the pretty Mums from Karen, 
Karen provides us some of the most beautiful graphics....she's a fav !

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