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Welcome to my World

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I have a pancreas condition and have to watch everything I eat. The only way I'v  found to do that is to "write it down". I designed this sheet  three years ago when I was diagnosed. It didn't take long, by writing everything down, to figure out what made me sick. Writing down everything I eat has become a way of life for me. It keeps me focused and nothing is forgotten. It's also important to write how you feel when you start and end your day.I also learned how often I need to eat, which has helped me feel better. I write down everything I drink and what time also. Water is very important so by making a simple mark with each glass of water I drink assures me I've drank enough. At days end and I  look over my page I can see how good I was or how bad I was. If I didn't do so well, I don't  come down on myself I just say " I have the chance to do better tomorrow"...and I do.

Keep your pages, look over them after a week has passed. I think you will find as I did, if I had to write it down and look at it, I was more likely to pass up eating when I really wasn't hungry.

Yesterday when I took a break from the housework Dr. Oz was on. He was talking about his 2 week weight loss program. He confirmed what I have learned about foods and how they effect my well-being Weight loss is not a concern for me and I'm not bragging, it's the way I have to eat to survive, but the ladies on his show had lost pounds and were feeling better.  Watching his show prompted me to share my daily food page with you. Here is the link to Dr. Oz's Site if you are interested.

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The foods I have to avoid are prepared or  processed foods, lunch meats,avocado, dairy, corn, red meat, wheat, onions, broccoli, cauliflower,Brussels sprouts, caffeine, fried foods, spicy foods, pepper and pastries of all kinds. Sugary sweets can't even enter my mind............Eating out is not a pleasant event anymore. If I order grilled or baked chicken the restaurants add so much spice or sauce, I can't eat it. Try ordering grilled or baked chicken " plain" no sauce no spice..........see what you get........it's not pretty nor does it taste good enough to eat. I once ordered chicken primavera  with the sauce on the side........OMG....you do not want to know what kind of chicken they use for sauce-covered chicken dishes. I order my salads with the dressing on the side. Most of the time I can eat small-very-small amounts of salad dressing by barely dipping the tip of my fork into the dressing. Not often, but I find the fried chicken tenders are usually fresh and not heavily spiced. Because of them being fried I can not eat them often. Pork Tenderloin I can usually tolerate, again, I have to order it dry, no sauce or spice. Lots of restaurants don't put the sauce and spices on until it is cooked. I hate fish and seafood of all kinds so I won't be going there! Turkey. well, restaurants only serve turkey during the holidays. The turkey and chicken burgers have too many spices added and I find they are not fresh often. I don't want to bore you any-longer but you can see why I have to write down everything my little mouth consumes. If you would like to know some of the things I do eat, message me. It's been a long treacherous journey feeling well and not sick all the time...........but well worth it. 

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