Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Cover Your Own Candles with Snow

When I was a very small child my Mom and her three sisters would get in the kitchen at Christmas time and make all kinds of crafts  candies, waxed crepe paper roses, tons of divinity candy and snow covered candles. For several years now when this time of year rolls around, I think about those days with the warmest feeling in my heart, and would wonder how they made those candles.
I found these instructions and material list on the net tonight and gave it a try.
If any of you have another method or remember the snow cover candles, I would love to hear from you......

My tea-lights were old ones I keep in the garage for emergencies. This summer my Husband and Grandson built a cedar canoe, they were dusty and smelled like cedar when I melted them....yuck...I hate the smell of cedar......I know........I'm probably the only one in the world. I only melted about 10. 

To speed the solidification, I set mine off the stove into an ice bath. If you do this, you do have to scrape down the sides.

I added the snow to a flame-less candle. I may have made mine a little rough and I didn't have glitter. I'm not really a glitter kind of girl, but next time out, I will pick up some. When I get the Christmas stuff out, I have some old red candles I want to do this too..........and I'm buying paraffin......the tea lights are too much trouble.

Here are more images of candles made with this technique 

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