Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

May Day Baskets

May Day.........being a school child of the 50's was soooo fun !
We had this variety store in town that sold small plastic baskets.
You could buy a pack of 6 for $1.00 or  fifty cents. 
They also came in pink, white 
and blue.
🌷🌷🌷  I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood I shared with
 52 other kids  May Day was a fun time. Our Moms would make us little May baskets to share with all. Sometimes the baskets were as simple as
small paper cups with pipe cleaners as handles, sometimes the paper cups were
decorated with paper flowers or ruffles made out of spring colored crepe paper...
what ever they were made of  didn't affect the the excitement of filling the little baskets with borrowed flowers from other's yards and filled with jelly beans, Hershey Kisses or any penny candy. We would knock on doors, scream "May Day" to the top of our lungs and run away as fast as we couldd ! Knowing in our hearts we had definitely left the recipient totally mystified !🌷🌷🌷.

Happy May Day !

Here's some I've designed for you.........

Pink Peonie on Blue polka-dot

Star Gazer Lillies

3-D looking cream with pink roses and wooden buttons

The Graphics Fairy was so kind
to share this lovely vintage card
I used to design this May Day basket
         (Click the image)


Robbin McCrumb said...

Glenda , thank you for sharing your beautiful talents so freely with all of us. God bless you xoxo

Glenda's World said...

You are so welcome Robbin.
Thank you for the kind words ❤️
Happy saving, printing, cutting and craftingπŸ’