Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Miscellaneous Printable s

An Old Church Post Card
This is an old postcard. The stamp reads POSTAGE REVENUE
The Back



An old emergency phone card

In the 50"s we had a phone system you picked up the phone, and operator came on the line and said "Number please". You told her the number of the party you were calling and she called that number. We were also in a Party Line. That meant several households were on and shared a phone line. No private conversations. Anyone on your party line could pick up the phone and listen to any conversation anytime. There was a sound made when someone picked up their phone, so you knew to stop your conversation until they hung up........privacy issues have a whole new meaning now....50 years later.

An old library card and folder from Little Jack Horner

This is a pretty old post card, but who was this sent to...the Groom...the Bride.....

When I am Married to You

The Back

Isn't this old post card cute ?....I love it !

This is an old envelope and letter I found in a box of papers I bought at a yard sale. 

An old 3 cent Postage Stamp
I've given it three  looks for you to choose from

Adorable vintage images of Children 
Click here to see lots more  VINTAGE IMAGES OF CHILDREN
My The Little People Collection

Grocery list 

The ribbon and flowers are compliments of

Old Hair Net Envelope

Tiny Fragrance Envelope from an oldf
Mother's Day card

A Birthday Invitation from 1955

The Front only


The Back of the Cross

Old Appliance registration
Old appliance registration

An old warranty registration

I suspect this is a picture of a Father and his
Son, who's in the service

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