Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Pretty Book Markers

For us readers and our friends who read, we love pretty book markers.
I've added a pages to rememer cell on these. Wheather I'm journaling or reading a book I always have pages I want to go back to. I've been known to spend a rainy day going through my favorite books and reading passages or pargraphs  I liked.
Print on card stock or coordinating scrapbook paper and tie a pretty ribbon.

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Retro Note Cards and Envelopes

Ever since I was a child in the 50's I've loved the big band era and the pin- up girls.I think the fascination with the pin-up girls came from my maternal Grandmother. My Mom and I lived with her and my Grandfather after my Dad was killed in the Korean War. The radio was on all day long. I can hear a Glen Miller song and my heart immediately goes back in time to the days spent with Granny  had a sister, Delphi. (pronounced del'phie). Delphi served as a welder during war time. She would mail Granny photos of her in her welding gear and dressed as a pin-up. She was beautiful. Granny would set with those photos in her tired over-worked hands for hours. I know she loved Delphi deeply but I also think there was a part of her heart that wished she could have walked in Delphi's shoes once in awhile. Granny and Grandpa were married very young, she was fourteen. The had four girls and then in her forties she had a son, after the girls were pretty well grown and out of the home. As a matter of fact the son was six months older than me . I think there were many times through the early years my Grandfather may not have given her the easy life. He was pron to drinking, gambling and goodness knows what other family secrets I might not have been aware of..................times were hard for Granny and she was a hard working, good housekeeping woman. She passed away at the age of 57. I miss  and think of her everyday..................

With warm thoughts in  my heart today........I give you two pretty pin-ups

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Universal Calendars Journal Cards

This morning I've desigend you three styles of universal calendars.
On them I've added a regular calendar at the top then
a list of the 31 days.
Back to scholl time of the year is such a busy time........
I can't think of a better design to help you.

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