Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Valentine GIF's

Who doesn't love to paste an animated photo on your Facebook wall
or that of someone special........

( copy and paste this link where you want the Gif )


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~~~ How to email ~~~
(1)  Right click on the GIF
(2)  Save image as
(3) Save it to your files where you can find it
(4)  In your composed email click on the attatch a file paper clip
go to your files and click on the saved GIF

Vintage Be My Valentine Tags & Cards

Awwww...........Valentines Day
the day we take the time to celebrate love and show those
we love them with a sweet note, candy treats, beautiful flowers
or the tradition we've created.
Starting off this year's Valentines designs.......lovely tags.

Images used in the design of 
my tags
                                                                                                    ( Click the image)  

I love the Site Vintage Images.........if you've never 
visited their thousands images, you should.
This lovely card was the inspiration in my designing 
my Cart of Roses card set.........enjoy !
( Click the image )

Here's a lovely three-demensional Valentine heart tag..........

By now, you may have guessed.......I love this eyelet lace-framed heart
I did many years ago......here's another cute Valentine
Folding Heart Tags

You might also like the images I used
to design my folding tags
CLICK the image....save as

This adorable cupcake or candy box would delight
any recipient...It's not tiny, it measures 2 1/2" tall and 4" across.

The New Year brings a Chance for New Beginnings

As you all know, I'm a big fan of  writing down our thoughts.
It clears our thoughts and gives them validation.
Gives us the opportunity to reflect on the things that 
effect our lives and those we love.....gives us a prelude to prayers.......