2014 Christmas Shapes

My 2014 Christmas shape tags are a little more detailed 
and most of them are done in two designs. 
Children love coloring the tags
and placing them on presents or hang on the tree as
a little piece of memory....
I have some almost twenty years old and with each year that
passes they become more valuable to my heart.....

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Tiny Christmas Card Set

I love designing and making tiny card sets. 
I bought this old Christ mas card last Fall at flea market. The card and envelope are actually in pretty good shape. There's no writing on the card and the glue on the envelope is still set. So many times I find cards and they have been written on and the envelope's glue will have dissolved..........
Enjoy...........& ......Merry Christmas !

Victorian Christmas Designs

Christmas wouldn't complete without a few Victorian designs.
I will be putting all of my Victorian designs on this post......
I do hope you enjoy, print, use or give.........XOXOX

Merry Christmas !

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Graphics used to create my Stacks of Memories;
*** The Ticket ***

Graphics I used in this design;
 ***The single Rose ***


 Graphics used in the design of my Spoon Tags