Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

🐦 Bluebird Tags 🐦


Click the image if you
would like my Bluebird image
 Bluebird image

I found this lovely bird image and thought she would make a lovely tag.............enjoy

 My Bluebird Tags

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Canning Labels or Tags

Yesterday I had a bag of  tiny sweet perrpers I had
for a week or so and we hadn't used them, so I decided
to slice them and pickled them. I have this recipe I use for pickled pepper rings
I've used for years. Very simple and I make small amounts, so
I don't can them. I just keep them in the frig.
Here are the labels I made for the two jars...........sharing with you !

If you would like my Circle of flowers & Bird Image
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 Circle of Flowers & Bird Image

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Pink-N-Green Favor or Gift Bag

This weekend I finally took the time to go to a yard sale.........
and was I glad I did !
I found so many goodies.........among a pile of embroidery transfers I found 
was a little brown paper bag 4" by 6", really old. It was probably 
used to slip a card of buttons in when purchased..........remember those ?
I disassembeled it, made a template and this morning's design is 
a delicate feminin gift bag for you !
Enjoy ! 

The Basket of Flowers I used 

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