About me....

About me....
I'm just a simple lady. I live a normal life with two beautiful, life enriching Children, two Grandchildren,two Great Grandchildren and a loving husband, I have shared 43 years of this wonderful life with. I love a beautiful yard and a clean house, which are my biggest life challenges. I trust God to guide me through life. I never question why but accept, adapt, improvise & try with all my heart to overcome the though times I have or may encounter. My favorite thing to say to my friends; "If your coming to see me...come anytime". "If your coming to see my house..call first". :)

Tomato & Cuccumber Recipe Cards

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Here's my Salsa Recipe.........really good !

 Fresh Tomato Salsa

The Cucumber Recipe Card

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Baby Book Page My First Sleep-Over

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Paisley's Chair *** Refinished Yard Sale Find***

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Finding the right color of paint for the chair was easy. On a trip to Lowe's with my Husband we walked past the Valspar paint and I saw the pretty sample jars of paint...
CLICK the jar of paint to see Lowe's selection.....some pretty colors !
When using the paint, pour the paint into another container.
 If you paint out to the jar paint gets on the rim and the lid
 won't fit. I didn't use 1/3 of the jar.

Designing the right graphic to decoupage onto the chair was my next challenge..... 

if you would like me create a personalized graphic for decoupage (downloadable)
PLEASE contact me
I have used this little fairy in a tea cup in some of my designs.....her colors and roses were just the look I wanted to create..
I printed my graphic on tracing paper. If you've used tracing paper you know it's flimsy, so first I sprayed a piece of card stock with  Krylon Easy-Tack Repositionable Adhesive 7020
Carefully laid the tracing paper on the tacky card stock....printed.
When I cut out the graphic I left it on the card stock. As I got ready to apply the decoupage, I pealed it off the card stock. This worked really good.

After the decoupage was done, I gave it time to dry and  added an antique glaze .