Flip-Flop Tags

Who among us does'nt wear flip-flops and love them.............
Well then.......we should have flip-flop tags too !!!!
Perfect for gift tags, scrapbooking or card makin..........ENJOY !

I would like to thank these great blogs for sharing these papers and the cute Flip-Flop graphics with us. CLICK the image to go to the blogs

baby pink with white polka dots      Free Flip Flop Banner Templates

I Love Summer Tags

I've designed these tags for card making, Birthday party tags, scrapbooking
or gift giving..........enjoy !

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Summer Party Invitations

Tiny Photo Album

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Concrete Planters

How many of you have seen this on Pinterest ?

old cloth and concrete wash flower pots, concrete masonry, diy, flowers, gardening, Concrete Wash     old cloth and concrete wash flower pots, concrete masonry, diy, flowers, gardening, Results

The other day I was making I Memorial Day bouquets. I usually set my flowers in plaster of paris, but I was out. My husband is in construction. He had a 1/2 used bucket of Rockite, left over from a job setting in the garage. I substatuted the rickite for plaster of paris........worked perfectly. 
That was when I got the big idea to try my luck at making some of these concrete-soaked-cloth planters. 
I used some garden burlap I had, but it was hard to work with, it was too loose woven. After doing mine with burlap, I think the next ones I make I'll use old worn bath towels. I do like the rugged look mine have......so this was a fun project.
Let me hear from you if you try this and pictures and advise are welcome !