Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Card and Scrapbook Embellishments by Glenda

Faux Wooden Scrapbook Elements

Morning Glory Card Kit

The inspiration for this design came from this lovey rose
(CLICK the image)
tuckdb-org.png (383×656)

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I did this sample, digitally
so you could get an idea how
 cute this set it
is..........I love it !

I love this little elephant.....
I've been wanting to use her in a design for a really long time.
My desision to create a card or scrapbook elememets came when I
used her to design this one for my Greatgranddaughter.......
If you use her.......I would enjoy seeing yours

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This morning when I started this kit I wanted to add a hint of 
Valentines Day to this kit. Then I chose my papers and and graphics 
and realized I seem to have a tendancy to be drawn to pinks........I think
Winter's doom and cold make me long for the beautiful blooms
of Summer and the lovely songs the birds sing to me........
The designs I choose for this scrapbook or Card kit  fulfilled my longings...

I wanted to give you a large frame for your 
scrapbook pages or cards, so using soem paper I had
designed some cute ribbon stitching, added  a two-part frame for your
photo and designed a matching ribbon label.

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Will You Have Roses With Your Tea Kit
I know we're in the throws of winter, but I'm still designing with roses...
This kit will coridnate with my Spring Roses kit below. ....I try to give you
as many options as I can.
in designing this kit I used my charms & bracelet, my paper, a jar, a cup I drew and a few tattered papers I made.........enjoy !

*** DOWNLOAD ***

Spring Roses
I realize it's the first of January and this is not a wintry kit,
but I wanted to remissness about the beautiful Spring flowers I
miss so much during these cold Winter days. Using two of my favorite
papers and a lovely card, I created a set of scrapbook / card elements.
I did the elements in two looks, original and tinted.
Enjoy !

My Christmas Card and Scrapbook Embellishments 

Live, love, Laugh, Pray Border
Here's a pretty and simple border.....I've designed it with
lettering and without giving you the color pallet....


Polka-Dot Banner


Tulips by Glenda
Borders, Circles & Tags

Photo Masks

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Susan Sunderson said...

Glenda, thank you. I love the birds and roses. Could you make more and larger birds ? I would be ever so grateful

Susan Sunderson

Glenda's World said...

I will. Look for them tomorrow 7-11
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs.

Glenda's World said...

Anonymous...........thank you very much for the kind words

Unknown said...

Glenda, I appreciate your beautiful art so much and your gracious heart to share it with us to use. Thanks

Glenda's World said...

You're so welcome Emily.
I do it for you and appreciate your appreciation ❤️