Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Free Facebook Covers

Here are free Facebook covers..........grab one grab all............
Save as then upload to your cover

my graphics came from Far Far Hill

This cute picture has been around a long time....I love her attitude 

A special thanks to VINTAGE GRAPHICS 

A dear friend posted this on her Facebook wall this morning....I thought ....our Children and Grandchildren should know we feel this way about them....

I've made some really pretty TAGS I would use my last breath to say I love you  in this design also.

This was made from an image from VINTAGE GRAPHICS CATS

This one I created from necessity....seems some of my FB friends have 2 personalities
one for Church and one for Facebook
A very special thank you for VINTAGE GRAPHICS  for the beautiful frame 

Special thank you to SWEETLY SCRAPPED  for her free doilies

This one has a frame for a picture

A special "thank you" to the GRAPHICS FAIRY for the free graphics used in this FB cover

Also posted today

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