Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Small Helpful Tips That Make My Life Easy

Years ago I learned denture soak really cleans gold jewlry. 
A few days ago after pulling weeds, my nails were filthy. One of my gloves
had a hole in it..........desperate, I grabbed the denture cleaner I use
to clean my jewlry with.........it worked !!!


You don't get to be my age without figuring some things out...........
sharing with you the little things I do to help with a task........
If you have any you would like to share, message  me via my Facebook
Page.......I'll give you all the credit !


Several years ago I started saving my old mascara bruches to clean the little feeding well on my Humming bird feeders.

*** Humming bird Syrup***
1 part sugar
4 parts water
I don't use chlorinated water. I use distilled water  I purchase at the grocery
store. If you use chlorinated water, please boil it first.

Hairspray and dust can make a mess on your make-up and vanity. One product cleans the mirrors, make-up cases and bottles.....RUBBING ALCOHOL !

If you've read any of my helpful tips you already know I clean my bathrooms with alcohol daily. I keep a small spray bottle in every bathroom & my kitchen. Alcohol cuts through the hair spray residue and leaves your shadows, lip sticks and bottles looking new.You might also notice I use pretty dishes & glasses to organize my make-up. Anytime I'm at a yard sale or flea market I buy pretty relish dishes, old candle cups, small platters, small juice glasses  or pretty bowls for my brushes, combs, wands or small  bottles of make-up, moisturizer or hair products.


Today I was freezing the extra tomatoes from the garden. As I opened the freezer I thought to myself, dang, how does this door get so dirty ?  A five year old Grandson pilfering for ice cream or pop sickles might have something to do with...:)
As I reached for the dish rag I saw the spray bottle of alcohol I keep beside the sink.
The rest is history as well as the dreaded job of wiping down a frozen surface. 
I sprayed the door down and wiped with paper towels...............for the first time my freezer really is clean and disinfected.  

In the past I've used boiling water to dip the wash sponge in, the hair dryer and any idea I would read about

This past Summer my Husband's traveled. He carries a spray bottle in his suit case. Were you aware rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs ? Though he carries it because he's never trusted the housekeeping to really clean the bath rooms.

Keep a freezer chart.

With Hydrogen Peroxide. 
To help keep the birdbaths clean and benefit the birds, add a cap full of cider vinegar to the birdbath when you fill it.


Use coconut oil to clean little eyes. 
I put the coconut oil on a q-tip and wipe Tagg's little eyes. This is the
best method I've found to keep the runny gunk off his pretty little face.



This product has to be the handiest & most useful........

At Christmas time, wrap you outdoor light plugs, to keep out the moisture from the snow & rain.

When my husband had knee surgery , we wrapped the wounded knee with it........not a drop of water got on the wound.

When painting and can't finish the project at one time, wrap the brush, roller & pan with it.....I've left them wrapped for a couple of days....didn't dry out.
Use it to line frig shelves. Pealing it off & replacing is a lot easier than cleaning that "stuck-on" gunk.

I use it to store seeds

It's perfect for storing tiny things. Use two sheets.....just peel as you need.

When traveling, put your necklace, ear rings, bracelets & rings between two sheets, then pack them in the jewelry case.

***When on the go, I peel my apples and place the slices between two sheets. They don't turn brown & I can just throw them in my bag.

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