Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Yard Sale Finds 2012

Well, September has arrived here in mid Missouri. I am just a bit  behind in my postings, but I've been really busy. 
Here are a few of my Summer finds..............

Plant flowers in burlap and landscape cloth lined baskets

I bought lots of really cheap baskets, all shapes and sizes. I'm sure I didn't pay more than 50 cents for any if them. I lined them with landscaping cloth and filled with good potting mix. Some of them I used burlap along with the landscaping cloth, for the effect, They were all so pretty. The best part of using the cheap baskets, I'll just toss them in the trash and get new and different ones next spring !


An old saucer or bottom tray of an old plastic flower pot. This one is 24 inches in diameter.
.My favorite YS find was this big plastic bottom from one of those cheap huge flower pots. I guess I should have called it the tray. The first thing I did was drill a lot of holes for drainage. Now Ladies, if you don't own your own battery  drill by now, you have to do that.  Then I used a small drill bit and drilled holes in the lip of the tray. I drilled 4 sets of holes, each set had 2 close together, then I strung jute through the holes and as we did back in the macrame days, I used the jute as the hanger and hung it from my deck. In the evening when dark came, I placed small flame less candles all through the foliage. It was beautiful.
The vine trailing up the light post is Purple Hyacinth, an annual. I have lots of seeds Free. Contact me if you would like some. They are very easy to grow and love full sun.


This is a close up view of the light globes I used in this setting.

Along side the old light fixture globe I  used 16 gage wire to hang this  blue wine bottle. I drop a blue glo stick  inside the wine bottle. It is so pretty lit with the glo stick.
Old ceiling light fixture globes make really pretty lighting in the garden.
 I bought all of these that I could find, and were under $1. I tied jute around them, there's a little lip on them, and hung them from the deck on large cup hooks. I lite tea candles and place in them.
My curtain was made out of burlap I found in Walmart's garden department. $7. for  72 sq ft. of it. The pkg. said it was to tie root balls for transplanting trees and shrubs.....well, I went back and bought several rolls, after all, Christmas  will be coming to town.
 The curtain rod was those small cheap cafe curtain rods. ( found a pile of those at a yard sale for 10 cents each......yep.....I bought all she had.

Every Flower grouping has to have a Fountain

Fountains, I love fountains and make my own. I bought all kinds of interesting flower pots and made fountains with them. 
This one, I used an old "Home Interiors" bird bath, I've had for years.  The bird bath had a bowl, so I set the tiny pump between two flat rocks, down in the bowl. set the flower pot on the flat rocks and ran the pump hose into the flower pot. To hold the fountain hose  in place and keep water from leaking back out the hole I used "plumber's putty". I have used floral putty and it works, but it's a little sticky.
 Plumber's putty comes in a small can and  can  be purchased  Lowe's or Home Depot, in the Plumbing Dept.  Once the the flower pot was in place and level, I covered the flat rocks and pump with river stones.  Any questions leave a comment.

Keep your fountain clean by using Hydrogen Peroxide 
Pour one cup of peroxide into your fountain once a week.
Depending on the size portions and how often may vary

Old Aquarium Plants

I have a huge retaining wall made of  RR ties I buy all the aquarium plants, you know those cheap plastic ones all yard sales have inside the aquarium , that's for sale. 
 I put them in flower pots filled with sand,  set  them among  the real plants and honestly, everyone thinks they are real ! 

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