Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

My Hypertufa Planters

I've been making some "HYPERTUFA" planters. Here are two. In the top photo I made this one rustic and filled with my favorite mossy ground cover.
The one below I plan to plant succulents in next summer. When I made it I lined the plastic with burlap. I really like it.

Here's the Recipe for the HYPERTUFA  and what you'll need

1. Portland Cement
2. Vermiculite
3. Spagnum  moss
4. Something to form your planter. I like large bowls and any interesting shape.
5. A sheet of plastic, large enough to line your mold with plenty of overhang.
6. Water
7. Plastic gloves


Mix the cement, vermiculite & sphagnum moss in a large container. Make sure you have it mixed very well.I like to use a cat litter box. I find something shallow is easier to mix in.

Add water a little at a time until you get the mixture the consistency of loose clay. If I can make a ball with a hand full of the mixture, I start packing it into the mold I'm using.

Pack your mold starting in the bottom and go up the sides. Make it about 3/4 " thick.

Use some kind of utensil to smooth it. I use a large table spoon. 

Use a piece of dowel, plastic tubing or anything to stick into the bottom for a drain hole. I use a drill and drill my hole into the planter before it is cured.

Cover your planter in plastic and let it set for at least 24 hrs.
After 24 or 48 hours lift the planter out of it's mold by gabbing the excess plastic and lifting. You really shouldn't plant anything in your planter until it has "weathered" several months or over winter.



ddl said...

Great idea!! You don't mention amounts--how much of each substance is needed? Equal parts?

Glenda's World said...

Yes, Delores equal parts. I sometimes add 2 parts portland cement and 1, 1 on the vermiculite and spagnum moss for larger vessels.
Good luck and enjoy !