Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Gauze Bow

Let's  make a Gauze Bow !

 I love gauze and I had this piece left over from Halloween.
When it came time to put the decorations away, I just couldn't put the gauze in the tub.
I left it lying on my dinning table thinking, there must be something I can use this for.
When getting out the little white Christmas tree I thought about the gauze & how lovely a big bow made out of the gauze would be ....

To make the bow you will need
Gauze ( mine was prepackaged from the craft dept. at Walmart)  3 yds.

Spray Starch

2 cylinder shaped objects. Your going to be using these as molds for your bow.( I used plastic solo cups)

Butcher's paper

Decoupage medium

First, take your gauze and make the bow, the size you want it to be.

I chose these clear solo cups.You'll want to choose , cans, glasses or whatever fits the size you want your bow to be. At this point, I tugged on the tails to get the Bow tight around the cup.
Fiddle w/ it, slide the gauze around to make it look like a bow.

he bow to fit tightly on the cupshe bow to fit tightly on the cups 
Spray the bow, both sides, with starch. Don't skimp, soak it.
Let it completely dry and repeat the process, SEVERAL TIMES. I did use a hair dryer to speed the drying.
After  repeating the spraying and drying about six times, I decided I would dip the ties in  Decoupage medium

I mixed 2 parts  Decoupage medium o 1-part WATER. Dipped both the ties into the mixture I had put Decoupage medium  into a bowl. Squeezed all the excess mixture out.
To add dimension to my ties I covered toilet paper rolls, wrapped in wax paper, and the handle of my spatula (round) covered w / wax paper.
Now while your doing this step, work with the soaked gauze and make it look like a ribbon. I used the hair dryer on this step too, but the next one I make I'll leave overnight to dry. I was a little anxious to see the finished project :) 

I  love it !! 
It was just what I needed or wanted to add to the greenery I put around the base of this little tree.

Merry Christmas.........

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