Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Flame-less Candles vs the Age Old Flame Candle

I use FLAME LESS  candles in all my floral arrangements.

I love candles, the ambiance, to watch them flicker and oh  how pretty their glow can make a wedding, a birthday cake or the Christmas table.... BUT.....  I can't be in the room with scented candles . Imagine my loss. I'm not discriminating against scented candles, perfumes, air fresheners, some detergents, fabric softeners and body lotions make me really sick. I love parties but ......I've become an antisocial recluse.....ever notice how much perfume and cologne is in the room at a party
BACK TO THE Candles...... Discovering the flame-less candle was a delightful pleasure.
I use them everywhere and in anything. The bonus to my discovery was that I could use them in. on and around things I could not flaming candles.
My favorite ones are the tiny tea lights. Walmart sells a pkg of six for $ 2.50. Every time I'm in a Walmart, I buy a box. They're with the regular candles and supplies.

Here are some of the ways I use them.

 As Easter approaches and the Spring and Summer months present us with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors I'll add more ideas for using them.....


You can read my post "DRY YOUR OWN HYDRANGEAS" If you would like to dry your own.

I use them in my live plants as well. This Asparagus Fern is spending a few months inside, as it is too cold for her to stay outside during the  Winter months, here in Missouri.

Jealously is the emotion one feels from counting  the blessing of others , rather than their own.....

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