Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

It's February.....Time To Start Seedlings for Spring

Sorry, I've given away all of this years seeds

Here I've got my Luffa Gourds up and growing tall.
In January I soaked the seeds overnight in a solution of Miracle Gro, mixed according to the directions.
To start the seeds, I put the seeds in a sandwich bag filled with Miracle Gro potting soil for seedlings.
 I filled the bag just over 1/3 full of the soil. I use a spray bottle of water to "dampen" the soil.
 Leave the bag open and keep it in a warm dark place. I use a shelf in my pantry.
Check on the seeds every day and mist them if the soil seems to be drying out.
 After my seeds have been sprouted for a week, I transplant the sprouted seeds into a peat pot sprout down and covered with about an inch or half inch of soil, depending on how big my seeds are. 
They are now placed in a sunny window and misted enough that the soil does not dry out.
I start all my seeds big enough to handle this way.

The Luffa you see beside the seedlings in the picture at top came from last years crop. I give them to friends, family and neighbors for little gifts. They are wonderful for the shower to exfoliate and in the kitchen as a dish and pot scrubber. After each use in the kitchen I stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds, this sanitizes it. My favorite thing about Luffa sponges, they last forever.
 Next winter I will post instructions how to get the Luffa out of the pod, but after the harvest put your pods in a garage or somewhere dark and forget about them.

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