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Welcome to my World

Make a table-top fountain for your Kitty

The other day I walked into the room and my 19 year old kitty, Squeek was drinking form the fountain I keep with the seedlings. If you  notice, it's on a stand, and not at all safe for her to be climbing on. She's always loved playing in and drinking from the table-top fountains I've had through the years, so I decided to make her one of her own in a little more safe environment.

I you would like to make a simple easy-to-make .fountain for your kitty or for you, here's what you'll need.

A Vessel, this will be your fountain. it can be ANYTHING you want to use. I'm using a (yard sale find) glass vase 6 inches in diameter and 5 1/2 inches tall.

A tiny fountain pump. There is a web site at the bottom of my blog page where you can buy tiny pumps. I've bought from artisticdelights.com  for years. This pump is actually over ten years old and has been used off & on for years..

River Rocks, glass beads or anything to conceal the pump. In the floral department Walmart usually has an assortment of beads & rocks.

The wine glass.....I'm going to use mine for my Grandson's little plastic fish he has to have in every fountain. They used to float, but they've been used for so many years, I think their little floats have deflated, but we still have to use them. In many of my fountains I've used the wine glass for candles or fresh cut flowers. Really makes a pretty arrangement.

A vine of Phlodendron.   As for live plant's in table-top fountains, don't use anything but a cutting of Philodendron because other plants have too many roots and that's another post. I prefer to use an artificial vine, simply because the fountain is easier to keep clean. I will write a post about keeping and cleaning your fountain, but since my Squeeker kitty will be drinking from this one I don't want anything in the water that might make her sick. It will have to be cleaned often, if your making one for your use and enjoyment this isn't an issue.

Place the pump in the vessel. Your pump will have a piece of clear tubing and a flow adjustment valve. Read the pump instructions. Before you start assembling the fountain set the pump in the vessel, fill the vessel with water and turn the pump on. Your going to be checking the flow of the pump. If you want more or less water outflow, adjust the pumps little flow valve. This may take a few times of changing the water flow setting and finding the water flow you want for your fountain. At this point too if your tubing is too long, cut it off. This tubing is only about 1 1/2 in. long, just long enough to stick above my water level. (how much water I want in my fountain) I highly recommend doing this in your kitchen sink....it can be splashy & squirty !
 If your using a new pump it will have tiny suction cups to keep it in place. As I said, mine is old and the suction cups are gone. I've set the wine glass and pump where I want them. you can use floral tape and tape the glass down, but I'm going to cover the glass bottom and pump with the river rocks, and they will stay in place.

Turn up your sound

I love that sound..... thanks for visiting


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