Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

The kitchen makeover - Ceiling Fan

The kitchen makeover has been finished a couple of months now and seems I still haven't found the time to get all the before and after pictures put together. I was cleaning out my camera roll and putting pictures in albums when I ran across this before /after comparison picture of the ceiling fan, it prompted me to start the makeover post.
Today's post is just the ceiling fan and I'll update the post as I get the pictures together 

The ceiling was "pop corned", my husband scrapped,cleaned and I repainted it.

Now, to save some time and
headache, when taking the blades off the fan, you need to take the blades off by unscrewing the Iron. Don't take the blades off the iron at this step.
Now that the blades w/irons are down you can take the irons off the blades. Be sure not to loose any of those little screws. This is an excellent time to put the irons in a bath of hot soapy water, to clean.

Preparing the blades for painting, no matter what you've read or been told, there's only one sure way I know, and I've cleaned many, to clean the greasy film off cabinets or in this situation, the fan blades.
Using dry cloths or paper towels, do not use wet, spray the blades with the bathroom cleaner, wipe dry. Then wipe them down with the Sander DeGlosser. Give it 10 min to completely dry. Now paint !
 They now make Scrubbing Bubbles with Fantastic, but I tried it. It did not work as well as the original Scrubbing B's

The next step was taking off the old light kit and replacing it with the pretty white / wicker looking light kit. Unless you or a friend know what they are doing, and knows how to do this, please call someone who does or a professional. Because of it's size, it takes two pair of hands
 This gave the ceiling fan an updated fresh look.