Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Adding Philodendron and Lights to a Fountain

This is a post I did a few weeks ago but I was so disappointed in the format flip book I thought it should be redone.

I have a large Philodendron plant I've had for years. As the runners get long, I cut them and put them in water to sprout.
I had several so I added them to this fountain.

 I had ran across a pin on Pinterest about keeping your fountains clean with Hydrogen Peroxide.

I had added the HP to
 this fountain a few weeks prior and I was amazed at how sparking clean the fountain became without any residue that stopped up the pump and kept  the water sparkling.

 What I didn't know was the affect the HP would have on plants used in a fountain. The Phoilodendron have been in the fountain for over a month now and are thriving. I will use this method this Summer in my outdoor fountains w/plants as well and write an update.

To use the Philodendron cuttings in the fountain I wrap the roots in gauze to contain the roots and keep them out of the pump. Philodendron is the only "house plant" I use in my indoor fountains. Roots can be a real mess for the pumps.


The vessel of this fountain is a birdbath and the bottom is round so  I had to use two large flat rocks for a flat surface. I drilled holes in them and ran the pump tubing up through the rocks then set the flower pot on the rocks.

Now, back to tucking the cuttings under the rocks.....as I tucked the cuttings under the rocks and into the water, I intertwined a tiny string of underwater lights. 

To accent the lights I placed some large clear-green floral rocks
 The tiny lights shinning through the water rocks softens and magnifies the light.

* the website to get fountain pumps is at the bottom of the page. ARTISTIC DELIGHTS

Decorative stones from Michaels