Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Helpful tip of the day............

Going to a BarBQ or cook-out ?
Take along some food storage bags or Glad containers
to take home some left-overs
CLO70441 - Clorox ProfessionalGlad® Pressn Seal® Plastic WrapFood Storage Zipper Gallon packaging product image


Did you know WAX PAPER was  invented by Gustave Le Gray in 1851 origanaly made to allow color on the back to be seen on the front

Oily Hair

Prevent Strawberries from molding

Clean your Humming Bird feeders

Keep home bake cookies soft 

Alcohol kills germs, keep a spray bottle filled with it 

When moving clothes, secure the hangers with zikp-ties

You can get zip-ties at  ↓

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