Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Paint the top of an old table

This is probably my favorite piece of furniture I've ever re-done.
At the time, all the furniture in my home was Cherry or Mahogany. I still prefer the beautiful dark rich color. I'M NOT AN OAK KIND OF LADY.
I found this little table at a second hand store.

It was in really good condition and I really didn't want to change much about it. The top section is constructed of many layers of veneer, so I opted to only paint the top.

I was so pleased with the result it's remained in every home with me  since it was done in 2004.
First I painted the background black. I wanted to use golds, dark reds and muted greens.I chose to let as much of the black show through for the dramatic effect......accomplished !

I took it to a glass shop and had them cut a piece of glass 1/4 in. thick to fit the shape of the top.

The glass finishes the table and gives the painting protection even though I put several coats of polyurethane over the painting.

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