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Welcome to my World

How to make moss-balls


When I made the last Hypertufa planter I had mix left over. I made small balls, about 6" in, The other day I ran across them in the garage.The moss is hardy  this Spring, so as I was moving it I thought about the little Hypertufa balls.

I mixed up a batch of thick soupy mud and covered the top of the ball, spreading it thin and not too far down the sides. I harvested the moss and placed it on the mud, firmly mashing it into the mud. I soaked them good with water ( the garden hose barely running) then packed them more. 
        I'll keep them under the Hellebore plants until I decide where they will live. In the meantime I'll feed them with a mixture 2 parts water & 1 part beer all Summer, at least a couple of times a week.  I will water and keep them moist.

Click on this image and it will take you to the post on the Hypertufa recipe and how I made mine

I saw this pin on Pinterest. This blog has another method of growing moss

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