Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Summer time means cook outs. Here's my secret to keeping cold foods cold

This is so simple and I'm sure some you know and do this already .
Buy granite, soapstone or marble floor tile at the home stores . Keep them in the freezer or freeze the night before the big event.  When the time comes for the big event grab the tile. Set the bowls of cole slaw, fruit salad, fruit, tossed salad, coconut pies, whatever need to be refrigerated. The frozen tile keeps food cold for a couple of hours. Take extra, keep them in a cooler and change them out

                                                                         Emser 12-in x 12-in Brown Polished Natural Granite Wall and Floor Tile

This is a 12x12 granite  tile from Lowes. I've added Home Depot's selection  of soap stone, granite & marble.
Buy the cheaper ones you can purchase one at a time.

I use mine year around. During the holidays we always have shrimp and several salads and for years now I've used my granite ones.

They can also be heated in a 200 degree oven and used in a cooler to keep food warm or on the counter

Click to see granite tile                                        Click for marble tile            
                                         Lowe's Home Improvement          

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