Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Make your own "Magic Shell" for the 4th of July

Who doesn't like 
"Magic Shell" ?
I'v discovered how to have some fun
when the home made ice cream
freezers show up this 4th of July.
Make Red and Blue "Magic Shell"
You will need;

1) Red & Blue Food Coloring
2) White Almond Bark - or a        similar candy-making product
3) Organic and refined COCONUT OIL

Since this was an experiment and I didn't know it would work, I only made small amounts.
In a microwave-proof bowl add equal amounts of the almond bark & coconut oil.
Microwave in 20 second increments until the bark is completely melted.
Mix by hand until completely mixed, add the food coloring. I didn't have any ice cream on hand so I used ice cubes. The white would be pretty with red and blue sprinkles or on strawberry ice cream.
Now that I've made this discovery  I'll not only do this on the 4th.Chilled fruit can be dipped too.
The little colored melts don't go very far and are so expensive but the coconut oil makes it possible to color the almond bark.
The coconut oil turns liquid at 76 degrees, I'll do some experimenting with cake pops, and update this post.

Thanks for stopping by...........glenda

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