Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Where are the Latches on Your Yard Gate ?

Do you have your yard fenced to keep you in or others out ?
Shortly after we moved into this house the air conditioner quit working. We called a service man. Someone had stolen the Freon out of our air conditioner. A friend, across town wasn't as lucky....they had gone inside the yard gate and took her air conditioner  unit ! Shortly after that incident I went into the yard and there was a man walking around in my yard. As it turned out he was with the phone company. He was in the yard checking a transformer. He apologized and said he thought the house was still for sale and unoccupied. 
It was then I decided to install latch bolts on the inside of the gates.

We installed ours near the bottom of the gate. You don't want it where it
can be reached form the outside.

I decided to do this post because not many of us think to take this precaution until an incident occurs.
It's such a simple thing to do especially if you have children playing in your back yard or back door entrances into your home you never lock, because they're inside the fence.
Your neighbors won't think a thing of seeing a service van parked near your gate.....and it might not be a service man.

While I have your attention......did you print off the ICE (In-Case-of-Emergency) FORMS  I made for you to keep in your glove-box and purse ?

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