Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

2013 Plant Journal ANGEL'S TRUMPET

There's a new plant on the patio....ANGEL TRUMPET
I drive by a nursery everyday on my way to anywhere and for several days I had been watching this beautiful huge plant with this white drooping . Every time going by I would look to make sure it was still there. This bloomwent on for more than two weeks. I suspected it hadn't sold because it either wasn't for sale or priced too high .Last weekend my Husband got tired of me saying " look at that plant" and pulled in. It was for sale and well within my budget...........but dang....I need another plant like I need 4 more rooms in my house to clean !!!!
       The nursery attendant was very discouraging.........she didn't know who she was trying to discourage. Loaded in the Explorer and headed home. ....
       After it was unloaded and hauled to the patio I went inside got out the trusty iPad and typed in ANGEL'S  TRUMPET. Everything she had told me was wrong. Over the years I've learned those people watering the flowers at the nurseries just spit information out ,that is not always correct.   Look the information up yourself.

Isn't this beautiful.....it's in serious need of a larger container.
I'll keep it in the garage over winter where there is lots of Eastern sun. That's where the Rubber Tree lives in the Winter.

If you think you would like to own an Angel's Trumpet here is an excellent video on caring for it. Check back Spring 2014 and see how she made it through the Winter.

If this video did not show up on your mobile device here's the link

        I need to note...this plant is poisonous and you should watch your pets around it, keep the dead blooms and leaves picked up off the ground. I wear rubber gloves anytime I'm gardening, you should too 



Narnt W said...

A wonderful site from beginning to end. Thank you so much.

Glenda's World said...

Thank you, Narnt W, and you're welcome.
It means a lot to me you took the time to tell me that.