Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Old Printable s the Madeline's Treasures Series

This series of graphics is old paper dolls and valentines.
Many years ago, a very dear friend was moving into a smaller home. She was and had been an avid collector of antiques for years.
I was helping her pack  all the many
collectibles as she was selling them at an auction house
She tossed me a paper bag and asked, " do you play with paper dolls"...."take these".
Shortly after that I found myself moving so the paper bag was placed with my keepsakes and boxed.
Last year I was going through the boxes and ran across the paper bag. This series will be the treasures that were in the paper bag.

I hope you enjoy them with the realization they are from news papers and cereal boxes from the 1930's

This cute little Valentine, I call Gladys.
on the back it reads To Ruth From Gladys

This cute little guy I call Petie, once again a graphic that
reminds me of those Little Rascals

This is Sweet Bear, he has an arm missing but 
that just intensifies my love for him

Best Wishes in Yellow
She is a little greeting card. The envelope is missing....might have to create

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created using BEST WISHES N YELLOW

The Virginia V

The front and inside

The Back

I call this cute little valentine Sweet Remembrance
There's just something so appealing about
the colors and characters of  the 
really old graphics

This handsome little paper doll only had this
cute little Robin Hood shirt with him.
He's my favorite of the paper dolls. I loved the Little Rascals
and he reminds me of those timeless shows.
Here's his back. The child who played with him made him a stand
from a strip of paper

This is Cutie Pie Patricia

Here's  her back

Since I'm sharing these paper dolls with you,
I thought you might like a little history on

The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild

This little valentine I'm calling LaCarte
The back of LaCarte

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 This little Elephant was probably cut from
a cereal box.....isn't he adorable....it's Ruth's Elephant.
Here's the back of Ruth's Elephant
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This pretty lady with her horn of plenty filled with hearts and roses, I'm going to call Madeline.
She is a colorful valentine.
I've given her some different looks for your use.

Tiny Blue Valentine
I thought the back of this precious piece of 
time was as interesting and cute as the front
The tag I created using the tiny valentinne

This one I'll call Sweetie Pie with the Hair Bow
I've given her several different looks for you
to choose from
The Original

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