Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

The Wyoming Canna

If you love Cannas this one will sure add vibrant color to your garden
I purchased these bulbs at Walmart's garden dept. in 2011.
Last Summer I planted the bulbs in large planters on the East side of the house.
They didn't survive the Winter in the planters but two of the bulbs I planted
in a flowerbed came up this year.

Oh the color is so vibrant, when the afternoon sun is 
shinning on it, it looks like an orange flame of fire
in the yard....just beautiful

I wanted to share this journal entry with you  because the color is so vibrant.
If you grew Cannas this summer and you took pictures I would love it if you
shared with me and let me post them here with mine. I want to give you the credit too, if you don't mind.
Hit my Facebook button and send me your pictures and information via FB message.

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