Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

glenda's Fat-Free French Toast

You owe it to yourself and your family to try this....................

I just had a pinner comment that the eggs and heavy whipping cream didn't make this no-fat and she's right. There are 4 Tbs. of heavy whipping cream in this recipe. 180 fat calories. 13.11 fat calories in the eggs.  I should have called it  not-fried french toast, but it's an alternative to frying french toast.I have a pancreas condition so I make mine with white bread, egg substitute , no eggs, no cream and I use sugar-free syrup. So, to be honest with you all, I change the title to Low-fat.
I cook two ways....one for me and one for my family....I don't want to force my suffering on them.

As with all of my recipes............here's you a free recipe card to show my appreciation to you for stopping in at glenda's world

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