Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Witch's Hat Templates

If you see this post today Thursday Oct. 17th
Your local Walgreen's has their Halloween Deco on sale ! I got this big bag of bones, for a little over $3.00....better get there quick they won't last !

This Set of hats are 2.50" tall.

This is the template I used on mine. It stands about 4" tall

I printed mine on the orange construction paper, then traces it on the black construction paper with a light colored pencil. When I assembled mine, I put the cone together then cut out the rim. I trimmed the inside ring until it slipped down over the cone. That gives the hat unevenness, which I like and gives them more of a not-so-uniform-flat look. I'm sure some of you are pro hatters so make yours the way your comfortable....them little Witches probably aren't that picky about their hats.

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