Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Sausage Dressing

Last August I had been married 43 years and for just about all those 43 years, I've hosted and prepared Thanksgiving dinner. I'll be posting my family's favorite dishes that make our Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving.
If you've ever reached into your memories you know that your favorite family gatherings were centered around a meal....how good the food was and how much you enjoyed it.
My recipes are simple and through the years I learned how to put together a feast with as little work as possible. Preparing as many as 10 dishes can be overwhelming and time consuming. I hope you find one of my recipes that become one of your traditional dishes.

If your not making this for a crowd just cut the recipe in half. I use this recipe  if  I'm serving 15-25 guests AND we love left-overs !
I don't do that bird-stuffing thing.....but, if you do, please cook your dressing ingredients first.
I don't always use Stove Top stuffing mix, but I do always used Jimmy's SAGE sausage for my dressing.
Premium Pork Sage Sausage

CLICK HERE  to see a Roasting and Thawing  Chart for Turkey

Here's you a free recipe card

If you would like to have the Big Fat Turkey


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