Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Downloadable Valentine Papers

I took some pretty papers I had and made Valentine papers. They are 32 bit so you'll
have to download them. Just CLICK on any one paper to download.
Print them on plain paper and wrap a small gift, use as a background for Valentine photo collages,
print on card stock & use as a card........
I would love to see and feature your projects.........
Just message them to me on my Facebook page.
( you'll have to "like" my page first or your message will land in the spam folder)

I Love Us
( I've done this in 4 styles, because I love it)

We Have Stood The Test of Time

Burlap n Lace

I Love You More Each Day

 Love and Kisses


 We Are Forever

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Anonymous said...

Same to you my talented girlfriend. This one is like the most wonderful watercolors (my favorite). You just keep outdoing yourself and I love it.