Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Installing a New Fonts

This tutorial is going to show you step-by-step how to install a new font. I've chosen this pin of fonts from Pinterest because I found one on here I don't have . The first thing I want you to do is go to your desk top. Make a new folder.
 *** I have a green print button at the end of the post. I suggest  printing this post. I think it might be easier to follow the instructions and refer to.*** 

Name the folder Fonts. Now if you have a file somewhere you can find easily or you would rather save the fonts in, use it. I keep mine here on my desktop, because it's easy to use and find.

Now go to this web site ......click the CLICK HERE below

you'll be taken directly to the site
Sea Salt Web free fonts

***if you plan to download more of these fonts, be careful...not all of them are free...pass those up***

We're going to download the SIMPLY GLAMOROUS
When you see fonts like this the download is always in a list below the
sample picture.
Click on the #8 Simply Glamorous

Now you have been taken to the download site. In the upper left corner click on the DOWNLOAD button

Now a window will pop-up and ask you where you want to save it. Over on the right of the menu click DESKTOP. 

Then over to the right are the folders on your desk top.
Click FONTS. This is the folder we made.

Now, CLICK the SAVE 

Watch the lower left corner of you screen for the download. I should look like this on the very bottom of your screen.

A screen like this will pop-up like this.
Click on the EXTRACT FILES  In the upper left under FONTS.

Now you have a  frame like this .
CLICK the Extract at the lower right
Make sure the little box SHOW EXTRACTED FILES WHEN COMPLETE, is checked

Your Computer will extract the files and this window will pop-up and open.

Oh my goodness......we are almost finished !!!!!!
Before you install, it is very important to look closely at the name of the font and
how it appears. Simply*Glamouous. I take the time to write this exactly as it appears. ***notice the asteric 
between the words Simply and Glamorous ?
You don't have to, but I print a copy of the font. I have so many having a hard copy 
helps me decide which fonts I want to use and the name as it will appear in Paint and 
Microsoft Word.
Now CLICK the Install .

If your computes asks you this....CLICK yes.

Allrighty now.........close all those windows you have open.
Open your MS Paint or MS Word.
Go to the font . CLICK the little options arrow.

Type in 
When it shows up, hit Enter

Start writing !!!!!!!!!
I changed the size to 72 to make it this big.

If you think you have it mastered............here are a whole bunch
of fonts I've located for you


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