Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Easy-to-Build Pretty Privacy Fence

You will need

Cattle panels are heavy galvanized 16 ft. long and come in a variety of heights. The metal posts can be purchased anywhere that sells garden supplies as with the large zip-ties, you'll want to used at least the 7" ties. My Husband drove the two end posts first. Then he cut our fence panel to 12 feet. He secured the fence panel to the fence post with the zip-ties, using several per post. Every-other post should be on the opposite side of the fence.

Take a close look at how pretty the Purple Hycanth vine is. I've used it for years as a ground cover and hiding my ugly yard light post, that needs to be painted. I harvest my own seeds each year. The seeds are easily germinated and grow in full sun in the poorest of soil conditions. 
I want tell you how I got my first 3 little seeds.......my Grandson and I would take afternoon walks, he was a little guy, still in the stroller. We would pass by this mailbox planter with Purple Hyacinth trailing over the top of the mail box. I had never seen it and fell in love immediately. The planter belonged to an elderly gentleman and one afternoon he was in the yard. Seeing the purple pods, I asked if I could have some seeds. The way he reacted, you would have thought I asked the old codger for is right arm ! Then he rudely replied, he would have to check check with his wife......well....I din't wait for him to ask his wife....that evening as it started getting dark I put Luke's leash on him and we took a walk back to the mailbox planter...I TOOK a pod .....and smiled all the way home...thinking to myself...hateful old man...after all....there must have been 100 pods on the vine.......people that don't share their flower seeds deserve to have all their flowers die ! I brought the pod home, waited for it to dry, then that next March I took the seeds out of the pod, soaked them in Miracle-Gro overnight and planted them in my kitchen where I have a lot of sunlight......That Summer I had beautiful purple vines all over the patio.........the old Codger up the street had none !
If you would like some Purple Hycanth seed, I found plenty on Ebay.....here's one seller...CLICK the image
 Ebay seller Purple Hycanth Seeds

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