Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Tomato & Cuccumber Recipe Cards

CLICK HERE for the sheet of 4X6

CLICK HERE  for the sheet of 5X7


Here's my Salsa Recipe.........really good !

 Fresh Tomato Salsa

The Cucumber Recipe Card

CLICK HERE to print my 4X6 Cucumber Recipe Cards

CLICK HERE  to print my 5X7 Cucumber Recipe Cards


Sharron Best said...

Glenda, I love this recipe card. When I work my tomatoes I have a few friends I always share with. I'm going to give this with their tomatoes this year along with a recipe. Thanks again, your generosity and talent are loved.
PS. Do happen to have one with cucumbers ? :)

Glenda's World said...

Did it...done it...enjoy it, Sharron ! Your very welcome & thank you