Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Turning Anything into a Stone Treasure

My Gallery of Projects.
You may download the instructions from the pages of the book

A new project.
This time I did an old cheap basket.
I added patches of aluminum foil to this project and "duck-egg-blue" paint 
for added effect. You can read or download my tutorial from my gallery book.


I've met the most amazing lady through my blog. She lives in the Netherlands and her name is Kethy
A few weeks ago she posted this technique on her Facebook page. She paints "anything"
with sheet-rock mud, adds coffee grounds, then paints it.
The finished product is simply gorgeous, for those of us who like that shabby-rustic look.

The translation between the two of is sometimes less than adequate, but I've been so anxious
to try it. Last yard sale I went to I picked up this little angel statue. Darn, wish I had taken a 'before" picture. It was a patina green. After I got her painted, I used the left-over mixture to coat this simple glass candle votive.

Mine have not been painted, nor have I added the coffee grounds. I added an ivory craft paint to my
sheet-rock mud and left off the coffee grounds. I will add a glaze to the  votive.

To do this to "anything" you'll need sheet-rock mud.  I had some pre-mixed left over from
re-doing our ceilings. 
DAP 3.125-lb All-Purpose Drywall Joint Compound
I added the craft paint and mixed in water, 1 Tbs. at a time until I got the consistency of  heavy cake batter. Used an old paint brush and smeared it on. Wear rubber gloves and put down a sheet of 
paper or plastic........this is a messy project, but so worth the mess.
I'll up-date my photos when I've glazed the votive. If I do nothing else to the votive, it looks great.

Photo Frame, Shelf & Candle


To print the PHOTO FRAME instructions

CLICK HERE to print the SHELF & CANDLE instructions.

The photo I chose for my bathroom was this adorable child
taking a bath I found on Pinterest, Vintage Images of Children Bathing

Here are other  images I considered.........shar ing with you .

You could coat old clay flower pots, glass bowls, plastic butter dishes with rope hot-melt glued around the rim, old flower vases, baskets or outdated lamps.......the possibilities are limitless ! 
Send pictures of your projects to share. You can send them to me on my facebook page.  ( You'll have to like my page or your message will go into the junk folder....darn Facebook


Jamie W. said...

Glenda, it never ceases to amaze me, the creativity of people. I love the final effect and am going to try this technique. Yours turned out beautifully! TFS.

Glenda's World said...

Thank you. It's really fun ! I'm in the process of doing a basket........check back soon ! You can do this with anything.....like I need another reason to buy at yard sales :)