Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

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Another creation from my 1897 Sears & Roebuck Catalog........Milk cans. 

When I was a child I would spend several weeks during the Summer months with my Grandparents in Moody, Mo.They lived this humble simple life, I loved. Their home was very modest, with a tin roof, probably hand-made feather bed,wood cook stove, no running water, an outhouse and Granny had wall papered the walls with newspaper, put up with paste, I'm pretty sure made herself with flour. I could go on and on with the memories, so dear to my heart but when I saw these cream cans, I was reminded of the old milk cow, Grandpa milked. Every-time he milked, Granny would take the cream off the top and the daily supply of milk would be added to the milk can kept in a barrel of water on the north side of the house, where it would stay cool, even during the Summer, until the milk truck, from West Plains came and picked it up, leaving them a clean can to fill for the next week. I'm pretty sure that was the only income they lived on. Granny canned all their vegetables and they raised their own chickens. I don't ever remember eating beef or pork at their house, only chicken. What I wouldn't give to have a piece of Granny's fried chicken, creamed corn and mashed potatoes. My dream would be that my Grandchildren have such fond and loving memories of staying with me, when they're in their sixties........


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