Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

2014 Christmas tags

For your convenience, I'll be putting all the tags 
I design for you this Christmas
in one post. I see no reason to send you 
all over my blog, but feel free to
browse anywhere..........thanks a bunch 
for taking the time to save, pin &
look.....I do it for you and my passion
to create........

Merry Christmas

Scrolls used in my design
*** Top Scroll ***
*** Bottom Scroll  ***

Jars of Candy Canes
These folding tags can be used for presents, gifts from your kitchen
small personal Christmas cards or leaving a note for 
someone.........Merry Christmas & Enjoy !

Vintage Christmas Tags

 Vintage Christmas Tags

This tag can be personalized

I don't know if you've ever done this but years ago I started
taking photos from Christmas's past and hung them on the 
tree. It wasn't long till I had a large tree full of wonderful memories.
I loved it and so did the family. There was always somebody
looking through the photos in awe. I miss those days. After
we moved away from our hometown it became too 
difficult, with everyone's busy schedules to make the drive to 
our home and share Christmas Eve, and ironically our family
that lives here, drives back to our hometown to spend Christmas
Mornings with their other family. Last year we didn't even
put up a tree. This year, I'm redoing the photos so I'll be 
putting up a tree, adding the photos and as I hang each one,
I'll feel as though we are all together.........

My Frame
CLICK the image to download the sheet of six

Christmas Joy Tags

DOWNLOAD my Christmas Joy Tags

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