Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Universal Calendars

We are going to be starting a new year, 2015 next week. We'll be needing calenders, so I'm going to design a line of small universal calenders, and as I create a new design, I'll post them all on this post for your convenience.
I want to take just a minute to wish you all a very 

DOWNLOAD my Universal Calender with Week Notes
DOWNLOAD my  calendars

To design this set of universal calendar tags, I used my favorite 
tag and smoe of my favorite papers I purchased Designer Digitals
If you've never purchased any of their papers or elements, I encourage you to go to this site. Honestly you can find anything you can imagine. Your scrapbooking will take on a new meaning when you can print your own papers and elements !
*** DOWNLOAD ***

A friend of mine  wanted me to design a vertical day calendar for her...
I had never seen one, but, I like the concept ALOT !

*** DOWNLOAD ***

CLICK  The balloon for more universal calendars


Eve Jansen said...

It;s lovely thank you for the hard word and that you wanne share it with us all for free.


Glenda's World said...

Thank you, your so appreciated.