Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Vintage Framed Universal Calendars & Matching Calling Cards

Vintage greeting cards. Tinkerbell. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online diary:
( click the image to get this lovely card )

This morning when I found this lovely old card from Liveinternet
I was destine to create lovely universal calendars.........

But, I couldn't stop with the calendars. As I was finishing up the calendars I thought to myself........this frame would make such a lovely calling card also.........

 Download the Calling Cards

 Email me......


Robin L. McCarthy said...

I just discovered your site! You are an angel! I have been looking for something to use in my journal/planner that could be stored at the end of the month without throwing away or trying to find storage for another journal! I put a lot of work into my junk journal (Planner, journaling, photo album, writing, poetry, artwork, etc.). I have a lot of pockets in it with journal cards, but I wanted something in keeping with the vintage look on which I could make a to-do list and keep track of days and weeks. I downloaded the universal verticle calendars and the weekly to-do lists. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will also check out your Etsy shop!

Glenda's World said...

Hi Robin,
So nice to hear from you and to know I’ve designed something you can use. That’s my goal, help us gals to create.
I have so many journaling-friends. I’m considering doing a page devoted to you ladies. Thanks again for coming to my world !

Glenda's World said...

If you ever need a design, let me know!