Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Make a Photo Book When Memories stat to fade

Recently my Mother-In-Law went to the nursing home. At 87 her 
memory is fading and remembering is becoming difficult. I wanted to
help her remember her family, so I decided if I made her a 
photo book it might help remember those she loves.

At Hobby Lobby I purchased this really pretty simple  paper-back photo book.
Pages are plain paper and measures 8" by 8" with 24 pages ( front & back)
I chose this one, I love mint.....I hope Mom does.

I used old photos of her parents as the first page.

After devoting the first few pages to old photos of her and the children when they
were young I gave each child a page.

Using cute tabs, I made, I divided the book into pages of, 
Children, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren and Great-Great-Grandchildren.

I've gone through all the old family photos and borrowed from Facebook pages
to find photos of her with family members. I chose to change all the photos to sepia tone as I wanted consistency.

I'm giving you all the elements I made for this photo book.
I hope you create your own and if you have any question, contact me.

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