Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Seed Envelope / Packets

This Seed packet is for those of use who share our 
seeds with friends.......
I designed a matching  mailing envelope.
For larger seeds, I would  wrap the seed envelope with
a sheet of card stock.
Save & Share !



Elements I used to design Ms Butterfly 

   Free vintage images #vintage
Ms Butterfly

"Teal Roses"

Vintage Seed Packets

This seed packet was a requested design.
You can request me to design something for you. Below is a widget. Click the widget and you will be taken to my "Requested Designs" page for instructions.

"Summer Flowers"
Seed envelope

This seed packet is to share your seeds with a friend. On the print-out sheet I've given you a web address of a site that tells us when to plant our flower seeds. I'll also give you a direct link to the site under the packet....happy planting 2014 Spring and it time to get some of those pretty flower seeds in the ground.......
Flowers to plant in May

This Seed packet has stitching on it and a reminder to soak your seeds to speed-up sprouting....

Seed Packets From 2013
Here we are, that time of the year. The Flowers and vegetables are giving us their seeds for next year.
The other day I posted another journal entry in my 2013 Plant Journal and when I did the post I gave you all a seed packet template you could print and use. They were such a hit and I had several requests for more............so here ya go......enjoy. I will be adding more to the collection as time permits. 
Thank you all for so much interest in what I love and enjoy...........glenda

Here's a cute one for watermelon seeds

If you would like to get this little boy holding hid watermelon

I know some of you save your seeds in jars so here are some jar labels too.

If you would like to have this image

The jar is from 

This is a cute triangle seed packet

This template measures slightly bigger than 3 1/2 " by 5"....not a small packet when finishes, but pretty
Each packet takes a whole sheet of 8" 1/2 x 11" paper.

The  cute graphics used in this design
came from Karen, 



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing such pretty seed packets and labels ~ just adorable! Joann

Shirley said...

I really like your designs. I am sad that I am notable to download them right. I have tried and they are not opening with Adobe. Maybe you could help me know what I am doing wrong?

Thank you

Glenda's World said...

Shirley, Thank you ....there is a little green printer at the bottom of the post. I reccommend using it to print the seed packets or simply right click, ( you will get the printable size) save as, print.
Let me know if I can be of any more help
thanks gjmr

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Unknown said...

grazie, per condividere questi tuoi splendidi lavori.
Dio ti benedica

Glenda's World said...

You are very welcome and thank you.