Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World


A few weeks ago I pined a simple blank tag. Right away it was pinned many times, so I saw the need to give you all blank tags you could use to print on the back of your own pretty papers and make your own.
My intentions are to also post several sizes of envelopes and more tags. As we get closer to the Holidays, I was afraid I would get too busy to do this for you and we all love adding our own special touches to the Holidays whether it's place tags for the table or gift tags, we're giving a little piece of our selves....and that's what the giving season is about....................

Here's a cute apple tag.
The larger ones will be cute to tie or give with a dish you've made for a friend or neighbor.

Here's my apple. I glued the printed template to the back of my rose paper. Used burlap printed paper for the stem and for the leaf I used a green doilie and glued them onto the rose paper apple for extra thickness and strength.

I love the little brown paper lunch bags so I cut a pocket slightly bigger than the apple and glued it onto the brown paper bag...slid the Apple Card into the pocket...a cute way to give away my Apple Cider Spices.
 I folded the bag over, used a paper punch to punch holes, ran an old piece of lace through the end holes for a handle.
I would like to add...a white doilie would be a lot cuter, but I needed contrast for the pic.

I gave you the leaf and stem templates on this one so that you could cut them from another pattern of paper.

It measures 31/2" by 41/2"

Save as and print. They are designed on 8 1/2" by 11"  scale 

Little Chick Tag

These are printed for a Baby Gift
These will give a professional look to your tag when printed on the back of pretty paper....why not tie a ribbon around the little Duck's neck....how cute would that be ?

Little Girl

 Little boy.

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