Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Popcorn Ball Bags

When my Granddaughter Morgan, was little we had this wonderful neighbor Dorthy and at Halloween time Dorthy always made Morgan and Courtney, my other Granddaughter from another family,popcorn balls.
This morning when I got up, I was thinking the most fond thoughts of Dorthy and her really good popcorn balls which inspired me to create this design .It's no secret I love making pockets to glue on these little brown paper lunch sacks. 
If your one of those special people that make popcorn balls for the children at Halloween ....these are for you !
 I printed mine on cream card stock.

The envelope & card
Here's the orange shoestring I warped around the folded bag and stapled. I printed it out of plain white paper. 
I don't have Dorthy's recipe and something tells me there probably wasn't one written. I suspect Dorthy had made many many popcorn balls from her memory and experience.....love ya Dorthy

Paula Deen

Best Ever Popcorn Balls Recipe

Basic Popcorn Balls

This is my favorite.......I'll eat anything if there's marshmallows in it or on it

The graphics I used for the card were purchased  from 

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