Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Almost Healthy Red Velvet Muffies

We'll be heading home for Christmas...have not done that in over 37 years, when our children were very small. Wanted to leave you one last post from my kitchen to yours....Merry Christmas !

I said almost, because there's 1/3 cup of mini chocolate chips and a cake mix used in this recipe.
They're made with pumpkin, apple sauce and a cake mix !

I didn't mention it, but take the muffies off the cookie sheet immediately and cool on a rack. I dusted mine with powdered sugar

The bouquet of flowers in the picture are an arrangement I made for my parent's grave. I'ts important to me that they are remembered for the Holidays. I use a regular tin can, fill it with plaster of Paris, then add my artificial flowers I've purchased. The regular size tin can exactly fits the vases on most headstones.
CLICK HERE  for the post on instructions   

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