Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

Vintage Valentines

These Valentines were my Mom's when she was a child. If she were still alive today she would be in her 80"s. How and why they have survived all these years are beyond my comprehension.....never the less they can be used for some really cute projects. I hope you find some or all you save for yourself. 

This is one Valentine.  The one one the right is when it is opened.

This one folds too. The right is the front of the card and the left is the card opened

This two-part cutie pie the little duck is a cut-out that slides into the slit in the tub of water

This little deer is the same as the little rabbit above

These Old Valentines are from a dear Friend. Her name was Madeline.Madeline was an avid antique collector. Several years ago while helping her move she threw me an envelope, and asked if I still played with paper dolls. Paper dolls were not the only  items in the bag. These sweet old valentines were too along with other items, I've shared with you in my posts labeled MADELINE'S TREASURES there you will see some of these valentines, paper dolls and some cute old things children used to cut-out  from cereal boxes and news papers many years ago

 *** I've enlarged the ones with writing, so you can read them.
 They all are given to you in their original size**

If you love vintage valentines, as I do, I stumbled onto
the greatest page with lots of valentines

free vintage valentine card little girl painting car


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