Welcome to my World

Welcome to my World

glenda's Almond Joy Valentines Cake

You are probably already aware of these three grate  recipes but just in-case your not..... The Almond Joy Pudding was my inspiration for this cake and what better time than Valentines Day. There's lots of recipes using the almond joy candy bar but they're a little too heavy for my  Husband's  taste. Cakes baked with instant pudding are still at the top of my list to experiment with. Most Valentines Days I bake my Daughter and Son In Law a cake in the heart shaped aluminum cake pans for my Grandson Corbin to give to his Mommy and Daddy. Of coarse him helping adds to making the occasion special.

My Husband loves cake but he's the only one in the house that eats it so I bake my cakes in the 8" X  8" aluminum pans with lids and I freeze one or share with a neighbor.

As always, I've given you the 5" X 7" recipe card.

I do hope each of you have a wonderful Valentines Day...................love  glenda

Here's you a FREE recipe card
5" X 7"

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